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Dogs Can Actually Understand What You're Saying to Them, Study Says

You aren't tricking your dog when you talk about the vet in an excitable tone.
VICE Staff
Asking for a friend

Is the Five-Second Rule Legit?

An investigation into one of the most hotly contested rules in history.
Juno DeMelo
The Borders Issue

The Epic Saga of Royals in Exile That Shaped Indian Identity

The epic story of a prince and princess in exile unfolds in this ethereal series by photographer Vasantha Yogananthan.
Vasantha Yogananthan

Photos from a Festival for Ugly People

The World Association of Ugly People counts more than 30,000 members, whose aim is to fight the cult of beauty in modern society.
Mattia Micheli, Words by Leon Benz
the vice reader

Are Women More Susceptible to Cults?

Emma Cline's hot debut novel 'The Girls' explores the phenomenon of young women opting out of society and into cult-like groups such as the Manson Family
Jennifer Schaffer

NSFW Photos from the Four Years I Spent on a Porn Set

We had a chat with Thomas Grant about the ins and outs of taking photos on a porn set, and found out what surprised him most about the industry.
Jamie Clifton

The Strange Tradition Where People Dress Up As Demons and Jump over Babies

The annual tradition is supposed to relinquish the babies' sins and protect them from all kinds of ailments—especially hernias.
Gonzalo Herrera
The VICE Guide to Right Now

Sex Robots May Be So Good in Bed They'll Ruin Civilization as We Know It

"People may become obsessed by their ever faithful, ever pleasing sex robot lovers," an expert warned.
VICE Staff

We Asked Seniors What They Really Think About Millennials and Trump

We caught up with Bob and Manny Cantatore, after they hung out with Thomas Morton on 'Balls Deep,' to chat about running a retirement community, kids these days, and the time Bob told off Donald Trump.
Misha Sesar

'Catboy's Christmas,' Today's Comic by Benji Nate

It's Christmas and Olive gives Catboy a gift!
Benji Nate

Hanging Out with One of Indonesia's Celebrity Sorcerers

We talked to self-proclaimed expert of the metaphysical Ki Narto after Indonesia's House of Representatives proposed a controversial set of laws to legislate the supernatural.
Bramaseta Janottama

'Bug Christmas,' Today's Comic by Allison Conway

Three bug friends exchange gifts and facts about bugs. It will warm your heart and enrich your bug knowledge.
Allison Conway