Far right

Life Inside

My Gay Prison Gang Fights Neo-Nazis

They call us the Rainbow Warriors.
Dennis Mintun

How Fringe KKK Ideology Went Mainstream In Australia

A decade ago, many of the alt-right opinions voiced across mainstream media would have been unthinkable. So how did we get here?
Royce Kurmelovs

'Unite the Right 2' Was an Incredible Self-Own for Racists

This wasn't hard to see coming.
Allie Conti
Australia Today

Australia's Sky News Admits Interviewing a Hitler Fan Was 'Wrong'

Although the footage with Blair Cottrell has been removed from all Sky's platforms, it's still available on nationalist sites.
Wendy Syfret
The far-right

Europe’s far-right just got a dangerous boost from an Austrian judge

“The main actors of the Identitarian movement are now strutting around trying to use the verdict as proof that they are not right-wing extremists”
Tim Hume

This Is What It's Like to Treat an Incel as a Sex Therapist

It's a balancing act.
Allie Conti
Surprise Visits

Far-Right Extremists Stormed the VICE Office in Montréal

The Canadian anti-immigration group Atalante tried to intimidate our journalists.
Simon Coutu

The Terrifying Trend of White Men Radicalized Online Becoming IRL Terrorists

It's no accident that young white guys with a fondness for the darkest part of the internet are descending into far-right violence.
David Neiwert
Tommy Robinson

The Story of Tommy Robinson, Hateful Hero of the British Far-Right

Robinson has gone from street protester to arguably the loudest anti-Islam voice in the UK. Here's how he got there.
Emma-Lee Moss

How neo-Nazis tried to hijack May Day in Germany

They shouted at counterprotesters: “You’ll all get Zyklon B.”
Tim Hume
Decoding Extremism

Learn to Spot the Secret Signals of Far-Right 'Sovereign Citizens'

A surprising number of Americans are caught up in the throes of a fringe anti-government conspiracy theory, adherents to which have telltale "tics."
Allie Conti
The VICE Guide to Right Now

Milo Yiannopoulos Scared to Death After Getting Called 'Nazi Scum' at NYC Bar

The failed author said he was afraid of being "hurt or killed" after running into some socialists in Manhattan.
Allie Conti