Farming Edible Birds' Nests Is a Stinky But Lucrative Business

I was given a rare glimpse inside a bird spit farm in Vietnam. The stuff sells for upwards of $500 a pound, but it ain't pretty.


Fiery Debate Rages Over New Zealand's Intensive Feedlot Farms

"Vegan fundamentalists" vs Federated Farmers.


The Oldest Bread Ever Found Dates Back 14,400 Years and Predates Agriculture

The discovery suggests that Natufian hunter-gatherers baked bread from wild grains long before it was cultivated from crops.


Indonesia's Jet-Black Chickens Are the Dark Side of Poultry

The ayam cemani, a prized breed of Indonesian chicken, is the result of a genetic mutation that produces a completely black bird, from beak to bone. Because of their color and supposed magical properties, they can fetch up to $4,000 each.


New Zealand Is Going To War Against Sheep Farts and Burps

Scientists have bred less gassy animals in a bid to reduce greenhouse emissions.


Most of the Mammals On Earth Are Cows Because We're Addicted to Meat

A new study of all the biomass on the planet found that 60 percent of all mammals are livestock.


Big Dairy and the Squeeze on Small Town New Zealand

Young farmers are struggling to get into an increasingly corporatised industry.


Ghostly Photos of Decaying Industry in Rural New Zealand

The freezing works close, people leave and nature moves in.


Cocaine Farmers Are Hunting for an Alternative

Colombian communities that have long depended on coca plants for income are on their own in the era of peace between the government and Marxist guerrillas.


California's Pot Growers Are Worried the State Has Too Much Weed

Though a surplus would mean cheaper pot for consumers, it also threatens to push cultivators into the black market.


'Sow's Ear,' Today's Comic by Ryan Cook

The only way for this prisoner to escape his cell and routine of brutal labor is through virtual reality.