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Photos of the Side of Havana That Most People Never See

Award-winning photographer Rose Marie Cromwell's work marries art and journalism seamlessly.
Elyssa Goodman
2 days ago

'Office Space' Is Low-Key a Masterpiece About Unionising Your Workplace

Mike Judge's classic turns 20 today, and serves as a nice reminder to fight for your rights as a worker.
Stacie Williams
3 days ago

The Life and Strange Death of the Khmer Rouge Survivor Who Won an Oscar, Then Got Murdered

Today marks the 20-year anniversary of the murder of Haing S. Ngor, which some believe was ordered by the Khmer Rouge in response to his role in 'The Killing Fields.'
​Simon Henderson
3 days ago

'Lords of Chaos' Is a Loving, Concerned, and Troubled Look at Black Metal

VICE spoke with director Jonas Åkerlund about his new take on an old story.
Grayson Haver Currin
4 days ago

'Two For Joy' Isn't Your Standard 'Gritty' Drama

We spoke to British filmmaker Tom Beard about his first feature length, which deals with grief, depression, class and, ultimately, hope.
Oliver Lunn
4 days ago

People Explain What They Thought of the Movies Based on Their Lives

"The producers basically just took a part of my life story, did whatever they wanted, and it was like: to hell with you."
Laura Woods

Former Bro Film King Jonah Hill Wants to Fight Toxic Masculinity

He hopes the fans that loved him in 'Superbad' will watch him shed light on the ugly side of what binds bros together.
Taylor Hosking

Tommy Wiseau's New Movie 'Big Shark' Looks Like a Bizarre, Terrible Masterpiece

You are tearing me apart, Big Shark!
River Donaghey

The Website for 'Captain Marvel' Is a Nostalgic 90s Dream

I hope you like Comic Sans.
Nicole Clark
The VICE Guide to Right Now

Our Three Wishes Are All for Will Smith's Genie in ‘Aladdin’ to Go Away

This new trailer is truly cursed.
River Donaghey

The New Chucky Movie Looks Surprisingly Good, and Scary as All Hell

Chucky is some sort of evil Furby in the 'Child's Play' trailer.
River Donaghey

Satanists Are the Heroes of a New Sundance Documentary

In 'Hail Satan?', filmmaker Penny Lane highlights The Satanic Temple's journey from trolling activists to an international religious movement.
Justin Caffier