Gender Pay Gap

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Say These Words, Get More Money

Negotiating a salary isn't rude.
Melissa Locker
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How to Negotiate Your Salary for the First Time

Negotiating your pay can mean more money now and a higher earning potential over your lifetime. Here's how to do it and why it is so important to start with your very first job offer.
Melissa Locker
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Jacinda Ardern’s UN Speech Called Out Trumpism in Oh-So Classy Way

The Prime Minister addressed the UN this morning, advocating for greater action on climate change, domestic violence and gender inequality.
Zoe Madden-Smith

These Glasgow Women Are Fighting Back After Decades Of Discrimination

Low paid carers, cleaners and caterers are taking their fight for equal pay all the way to the picket lines.
Eve Livingston
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How to Ask Your Coworkers How Much Money They Make

In honor of Equal Pay Day, pay equity experts give advice on having an honest conversation with colleagues about your salaries.
Kimberly Lawson
Women Week

New Zealand's Rich List and the Mysterious Case of the Invisible Women

There are no individual females listed among the country's top 50 earners. Why not?
India Hendrikse
Woke Dad

My Surprisingly Woke Dad Explains the Gender Pay Gap

In this new column, we ask our dads about politically correct terms.
Hannah Ewens
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Proof, If You Actually Still Need it, That the Gender Pay Gap Is a Very Real Thing

After looking at the earnings of 500,000 UK workers, it was found that men are still paid vastly more than women across many jobs and regions.
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