The Artist Creating Miniatures of Australia's Forgotten Buildings

Joshua Smith thinks there's beauty in decay.
Mahmood Fazal

Unearthed Art by Teenage Basquiat Inspired This Exciting New Documentary

A trove of early Basquiat works rescued from an East Village bank vault inspired a filmmaker to explore the artist's formative years.
Miss Rosen
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People Scrawl Graffiti and Walk Over the Body of a Beached Blue Whale

The whale was marooned on a beach in Chile when tourists started arriving for photos.
Mac Hackett
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Landlord Who Destroyed 5Pointz Must Pay Graffiti Artists $6.7M

The building's owner trashed the country's "largest collection of exterior aerosol art" to build luxury condos.
Kara Weisenstein

Why Graffiti Has Returned to London

At the start of the decade there was a widespread police crackdown, but in 2017 it's made a comeback.
Charles Graham-Dixon

The Story Behind That 'Rick and Morty' House

We spoke to the artist responsible for a student house in Brighton going viral.
David Hillier
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Netflix Is Making a True-Crime Parody About Dick Graffiti

The series, 'American Vandal,' aims to get to the bottom of a more mundane, if not equally important, mystery.
VICE Staff
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Trump Fan Tries to Frame Democrats with Worst Street Art Ever

The guy wrote "Left Is the Best" graffiti all over an elementary school to get people mad at Democrats, but police saw right through his genius scheme.
River Donaghey

Graffiti Writer Pixote Brings His Spiritual Paintings Indoors

We caught up with Pixote in advance of his solo debut, "State of Awareness," to talk about his approach to painting and the idea of art as an awakening.
Reuben Torres

The Impossible Quest to Catalog a Decade of NYC Street Art

"I see next to no good street art anymore," says photographer Katherine Lorimer (a.k.a. Luna Park), the author of '(Un)Sanctioned,' a new book documenting the peak and decline of NYC street art, as well as the illegal graffiti that's as strong as ever.
Ray Mock

I Spent A Night Out With Wellington's Most Elusive Street Artist

If you live in Wellington, you know BENT. His massive pigeon paste-ups and their beady eyes are all over the city.
Laura Pitcher