Hate Crime


Everything We Know About the Arrests in Jussie Smollett's Case

At least one of the two men police detained in connection with the case reportedly worked on ‘Empire.’


Watch Ellen Page Call Out Mike Pence’s Homophobia on ‘The Late Show’

Page said the US vice president “has hurt LGBTQ people so badly” and “wishes I couldn’t be married.”


The KKK Is Trying to Recruit New York Racists with Snickers Bars

In an apparent attempt to target kids.


This Guy Taught a Pug to Heil Hitler and Was Convicted of a Hate Crime

The "professional shitposter" who goes by the name Count Dankula could wind up behind bars for up to six months.


The City That Made Misogyny Illegal

In April of 2016, Nottinghamshire Police became the first force in the UK to recognise misogyny as a hate crime. This is what's happened since.


Man Allegedly Attacked 11-Year-Old Girl and Cut Off Her Hijab on Her Way To School

Police say he came up behind her wielding a pair of scissors.


The Knifeman Who Roamed London On the Hunt for Muslims

Mickey Sage has been jailed after setting out to "stab an imam in the neck".


Member of 'Alt-Reich Nation' Accused of Murdering a Black College Student

The FBI is investigating the stabbing as a possible hate crime.


There Have Already Been 35 Anti-Semitic Hate Crimes in New York City This Year

That's a 94 percent increase from just 18 anti-Jewish incidents at the end of February last year, according to the NYPD.


White House Says the Shooting of Two Indian Men in Kansas Was Likely 'Racially Motivated'

The FBI also announced Tuesday that it would be investigating the fatal shooting as a hate crime.


Another Wave of Bomb Threats Just Hit Jewish Institutions Across America

At least 16 institutions reported receiving calls on Monday, marking the fifth burst of anti-Semitic threats this year.