Hate Groups


Facebook is letting white nationalist hate groups operate in the open

Facebook says it takes online and offline actions into account when deciding whether to ban a hate group.


A Prominent American Hate Group May Collapse Because of an Affair

One of the leaders of the Traditionalist Worker Party left the group after fellow hate group leader, Matthew Heimbach, allegedly slept with his wife.


California Stabbing Suspect Tied to Charles Manson-Obsessed Neo-Nazi Group

Sources close to Samuel Woodward, the man charged with murdering a gay, Jewish teen, say he trained with an extremist hate group that idolizes Hitler.


The KKK Is Dropping 'Kool Kids' Klub' Flyers in Upstate New York

The flyers, advertising an upcoming Klan rally, were dropped into bags with kitty litter on Northville lawns last weekend.


Hate-Group Trackers Say They're 'Struggling' to Keep Up with the Alt-Right

The Southern Poverty Law Center spends a lot of time counting America's hate groups. But the new wave of racists is less formally organized and trickier to quantify.


Bishop Tamaki Blaming the Earthquake on Gays Prompts Thousands to Petition Parliament

There's growing pressure on the Government to declare Destiny Church a hate group and take away its tax-free status.