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Documents Show How Facebook Moderates Terrorism on Livestreams

On Friday, at least 49 people were killed in terror attacks in New Zealand. Documents, sources, and interviews with senior Facebook employees show how difficult it is for social media companies to moderate live footage.
Joseph Cox

All Kevin Hart Had to Do Was Apologize

But it doesn’t seem like he's that woke nowadays either.
Kara Weisenstein
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India Pressured WhatsApp to Address Mob Violence - By Hiring Someone 8,000 Miles Away

More than two dozen people have been killed in 17 separate incidents since May as viral fake videos spread unchecked on the network, stirring up racial and religious tensions.
David Gilbert
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Facebook Is Reviewing its Policy on White Nationalism After Motherboard Investigation, Civil Rights Backlash

"Facebook ignores centuries of history, legal precedent, and expert scholarship that all establish that white nationalism and white separatism are white supremacy."
Joseph Cox
Jason Koebler
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Protests Prepared for Anti-Islam Alt-Right Speakers in NZ

Banned from the UK for racism, how will the far right be received in Aotearoa?
VICE Staff
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These Are Facebook’s Policies for Moderating White Supremacy and Hate

As hate speech continues to be a top issue for social media platforms, we are publishing an extended selection of training material showing how Facebook sees the issue of white supremacy and hate more generally.
Joseph Cox

Skateboarding Icon Jason Jessee Is Under Fire for Use of Swastikas and Racist Remarks

After old interviews featuring racial slurs and hate symbols surfaced online, the skateboard community began to wonder why he's still being celebrated as a legend.
Andrew Murrell
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Awful Video Shows MAGA Moms Teaching Toddlers to Hate Muslims at a Mosque

"The Muslims are nothing but devil satan worshippers."
Drew Schwartz
The VICE Guide to Right Now

Reddit Is Cracking Down on Nazi and White Supremacist Groups

The move is part of a new policy banning "violent" content that's causing confusion for some users.
Louise Matsakis

The VICE Morning Bulletin: Police Use Facebook to Search For Scribe

The rapper is wanted on serious drugs charges, Auckland pastor preaches hate speech and deadly mudslides in Sierra Leone.
VICE Staff

This Artist Sprayed Racist Tweets in Front of Twitter's German HQ

Over the last six months, Shahak Shapira reported 300 racist, anti-Semitic and otherwise abusive messages to Twitter, but only 9 tweets were deleted.
Rebecca Baden

How to Stand Up to Hate Speech

We all like to think we'd say something. But what would we actually do? What have we ever done?
Nadia Saccardo