Russia Is Punishing People for Helping Drug Users

Moscow's only harm reduction NGO has been given a potentially devastating fine for doing the work it's meant to do.
Niko Vorobjov
3 days ago
High Wire

The Radical New Fentanyl Trend That Could Save Lives and Screw Dealers

One $5 or $10 fatal dose could become dozens or even hundreds of nonfatal highs.
Maia Szalavitz
What I Want to Tell You About Heroin

Life After Heroin Is Beautiful and Boring

One of the hardest lessons around being sober is learning to appreciate the ordinary, the mundane, the normal.
Hannah Brooks

The Hidden Killer of Scotland's Street Drug Users

We spoke to drug workers and users about what's going on in Dundee, the "drug death capital of Europe".
Francisco Garcia

How a Former Melbourne Heroin Addict Is Helping Christchurch's Homeless

River Jayden knows what it's like to sleep rough, and now her Christchurch charity Street Wise hopes to make life a little easier for the city's "street whānau".
Zahra Shahtahmasebi
News of Zealand

New Zealanders Might Actually Know What's In Their Drugs This Summer

The government takes steps to allow drug testing at music festivals.
Zoe Madden-Smith
What I Want to Tell You About Heroin

Who Am I Without Drugs? Imagining Life After Rehab

“My identity had become so entwined with heroin that I had normalised it. It was only occasionally, in a moment of clarity, that I realised just how abnormal being a heroin addict was.”
Hannah Brooks

The Doctor Treating Heroin Addiction With Heroin

Dr. Christian Plattner wants to encourage more medical specialists to use diamorphine to treat severe addictions.
Lidia Polito

A Massive Underground Drug Tunnel to Mexico Was Found Underneath an Abandoned KFC

Feds stumbled upon the underground passageway after cops busted the building's owner with meth, coke, heroin, and fentanyl.
Drew Schwartz
What I Want to Tell You About Heroin

An Unladylike Article About Addiction

Substance abuse is at odds with what's expected of women. But here I am, a woman in rehab, facing how addiction challenges everything that's ever been expected of me.
Hannah Brooks

My Father Died, And Then I Fell in Love With Heroin

When my dad passed away, anything good-intentioned, selfless or purposeful in me died along with him.
Emily J. Sullivan
Harm Reduction

Does Smoking Heroin Really Cause Brain Damage?

Recent reports that smoking heroin (and an associated risk of brain damage) is increasing among young people aren't looking at the full picture.
Troy Farah