Arctic Warming Will Cost At Least $24 Trillion More Than We Thought, Study Finds

The economic losses of climate change, both past and future, are outlined in two new studies this week.


‘Privacy Is Becoming a Luxury’: What Data Leaks Are Like for the Poor

"I felt like my identity or whatever didn't matter to them."


Famous Heiress Says Americans 'Want to Work for What They Get'

Poor Ivanka Trump never got a chance to actually earn the American dream.


Don’t Work 80 Hours a Week for Elon Musk, or Anyone

Musk claims "nobody ever changed the world on 40 hours a week." Not only is that totally wrong, it's a trademark of boss exploitation.


The Rich People in Your City Have Even More Money Than You Think

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Hot People Are More Likely to Believe Life is Fair, Study Says

Apparently they tend to be happier with their lives, too.


A Massive Strike Is Actually Working

A weeklong holdout over teacher pay that seemed to end after the Republican governor made major salary promises dragged into Thursday. It could resonate in November and beyond.


What Being Gored by a Bull Taught Me About Healthcare

An ugly injury took me on an odyssey through Spain, Panama, and the US. I understand better than most what's wrong with the system in America.


News of Zealand: No More Mining on Conservation Land

Plus Queenstown cracks down on Air BnB, the TPP is down to the last wire, and more in your morning news wrap.


The Paradise Papers Are Just a Glimpse at the Unreal Wealth Gap

A new report on spiraling inequality in America is even more concerning given what the Paradise Papers showed us about how good rich people are at hiding money.


Inside a Homeless Encampment on the Brink of Eviction

Barring another reprieve in court, the Bay Area's relatively uncontroversial Here/There community could be vacant in a matter of days.


The Rules Are Different for the Rich

A recent crop of stories show how the wealthy avoid facing consequences for bad actions.