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Five Questions

Five Questions for the Shopping Centre Ice Cream Shagger

That he shags ice cream is not up for debate. But *why* he shags ice cream... well, that is.
Joel Golby
The Least You Could Do

100 More Things You Can Do to Make Women's Lives Easier

If you think you don't need this list because you've already got it figured out, read it five times.
Broadly Staff

We Asked an Economist What Would Happen if All Women Took 'Period Leave'

Would the economy crumble as businesses fell apart under the strain? Er, no—and it might actually make work more productive for everyone.
Amelia Dimoldenberg
international women's day

Millions of Spanish Women Went on a Feminist Strike

An estimated five million women across Spain joined a historic strike to mark International Women's Day.
Laura Muriel
Ana Iris Simón

The Red Pill's 'How to Get Laid Like a Warlord' Advice, Analysed

One for the men, for International Women's Day.
Emma Garland
international women's day

Illustrated Tributes to Female Artists, by Female Artists

Here's how some of our favorite illustrators paid homage to the artists they look up to.
Nick Gazin
international women's day

The Woman Behind International Women's Day Was a Refugee and a Socialist

Theresa Malkiel came to New York as a teen after fleeing anti-Semitic violence in Russia. Eighteen years later, she founded Women's Day, the forerunner of IWD.
Mary McGill
Women Week

Broods Frontwoman Georgia Nott is Only Working With Women Right Now

The New Zealander's first solo album with 'The Venus Project' is shifting the tired music industry narrative from "good, for a woman" to "proud to be a woman".
India Hendrikse
Women Week

New Zealand Women Talk About the Next Big Fight

For International Women's Week, we asked Kiwi women what the biggest issue on their mind was in 2018.
VICE Staff

We Made an Air Bed Cinema for a Special International Women's Day Screening of WOMAN

Check out these snuggly photos from our VICELAND event in Auckland.
VICE Staff
international women's day

VICE News Is Live at the Woman's March in NYC

We're joining women and allies to find out why they're marching.
VICE Staff
international women's day

Female Immigrants Explain What Shocked Them Most About Britain

"I see so many different things here in London – people screaming and retching on the street, with their blue hair and alcohol. You stop judging them."
Annie Lord