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Psychedelic Drugs Really Do Lead to a Higher State of Consciousness

Study participants bravely took LSD and ketamine in the name of science.
Susan Rinkunas

What It's Like Being a Problematic Drug User at Christmas

"My family had no idea: I drink a lot of Diet Coke and they just thought I was hyper or, when I was coming down, they thought I was just having a depressive moment."
David Hillier

The Most Common Reasons People Need Medical Attention at Music Festivals

A first responder told us everything that's most likely to go wrong.
Gwen van der Zwan
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This Type of Tinder-User Could Be Psychopathic

And other science news you may have missed.
Shayla Love

People Told Us the Wildest Things They've Seen While Tripping

"I was floating in the sea… a sea made out of dogs, dogs eating dolphins, dolphins eating dogs eating dolphins eating dogs."
Nilu Zia

People Told Us About Their Worst Drug-Related Injuries

"I'm going to have to get tooth implants at the age of 23."
Nilu Zia

Everything You Need to Know About Ketamine

A doctor explains what ketamine is, why people use it to party, and how to be safe while taking it.
Anna Codrea-Rado
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Ketamine Saved My Life. Now NZ’s Only Treatment Clinic is Shutting Down

The only health board offering Ketamine to treat depression is closing the trial down. Jemima Lomax-Sawyers, who was a member of the trial, writes why that news is terrifying for patients.
Jemima Lomax-Sawyers
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Why New Zealand’s Only Ketamine Clinic Is Closing

The Dunedin trial of the "breakthrough" drug used for treatment-resistant depression has been suddenly dropped.
Tess McClure
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Rainbow Serpent Showed Sniffer Dogs Can't Keep Drugs Out of Music Festivals

"I was just hoping our car didn’t get searched... I was just going to down my stash if they did."
Nevena Spirovska
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When Will You Be Able to Use Ketamine For Social Anxiety?

Yet another study has heroed the drug as a potential treatment for severe mental disorders, this time for social anxiety disorder. But there's a while to go until we can take it as a pill or spray — especially where anxiety is concerned.
Rebecca Kamm

My Life as an International Ketamine Smuggler

We spoke to a guy who was partly responsible for flooding the UK with the K in the mid-1990s.
Scott Oliver