2C-B Is the Drug Taking Over the UK's Clubs

For decades, only psychedelic connoisseurs knew about 2C-B, but in recent years knowledge has spread, leading more and more dealers to sell it on the darknet.
James Nolan

The Rise and Fall of 'Red Mitsubishis': the Pill That Terrified Australia

In the 90s they were the pinga of choice. By the early 2000s they'd become public enemy number one.
Sam Nichols
Australia Today

Australians Take $9 Billion Worth of Drugs a Year, According to Poo Samples

The latest wastewater results reveal the true extent of Australia's passion for getting high.
Gavin Butler
Drug Testing

Why New Zealand Needs Legal Drug Testing at its Summer Festivals

"It will only take one super-toxic thing to emerge onto the market and we will have a lot of deaths," says KnowYourStuffNZ's Wendy Allison.
James Borrowdale
The Burnout and Escapism Issue

Going Underground

The resurgence in clinical trials into the effectiveness of LSD, MDMA, and psilocybin in treating depression and trauma has received widespread publicity. But outside the labs, regular people are taking psychedelic therapy into their own hands.
Jenny Valentish

Here Comes the Legal Case for Medicinal Psychedelics

BC therapist Bruce Tobin is striving to give end-of-life cancer patients magic mushrooms in a clinical setting.
Sarah Berman

People Tell Us the Most Ridiculous Ways They've Lost Drugs

"After a night out, I went back to my parents' house in a pretty bad state. While getting my keys out, I dropped my weed on the stairs just outside the front door. My mum found it hours later."
Ana Iris Simón
Australia Today

New South Wales has the Cheapest Pills in Australia

The wholesale price of an ecstasy pill works out about the same as a cup of coffee.
Gavin Butler
Australia Today

Australia Is Taking More Uppers Than Almost Any Other Country

Overall, Australians are estimated to consume 1.2 tonnes of MDMA, 3 tonnes of coke, and 8.3 tonnes of meth every year.
Gavin Butler
When the Drugs Hit

Researchers Gave Octopuses MDMA in the Name of Science

The human and octopus lineages split 500 million years ago, but apparently we both retained the gene for partying.
Daniel Oberhaus

The Most Common Reasons People Need Medical Attention at Music Festivals

A first responder told us everything that's most likely to go wrong.
Gwen van der Zwan

The Differences Between British and American MDMA Users

How each great nation treats Mandy and Molly.
James Nolan