Melbourne Man Admits He Killed an Airbnb Guest over Unpaid Rent

Thirty-six-year-old Ramis Jonuzi was strangled to death after he was unable to pay the $210 he owed his host.


Police Aren’t Happy About the Amount of People Visiting the Abandoned Shark

Urban explorers are flocking to an abandoned wildlife park to see a dead great white shark in a tank... which is trespassing.


Box-Cutters and Guns: How The Street Took Over Graffiti

Listen to our Podcast with Nack, about violence and street art.


A Melbourne Hospital Will Trial Magic Mushroom Therapy for Dying Patients

Australia's first shroom trial is set to take place at St Vincent's Hospital in April.


Question of the Day: Is Cheating Really That Bad?

"Watching Mad Men somehow made it feel okay—in a really weird, like, romanticised way."


Over 30 Women Are in Prison Because of 'The Block' Australia

Dozens of vulnerable residents were evicted from a Melbourne hostel so that the property could be renovated for a reality show.


One Dead and Two Injured After A Violent Knife Attack in Melbourne's CBD

Police were called to Bourke Street Mall following reports that a man had crashed his car into the busy street.


How a Former Melbourne Heroin Addict Is Helping Christchurch's Homeless

River Jayden knows what it's like to sleep rough, and now her Christchurch charity Street Wise hopes to make life a little easier for the city's "street whānau".


Of Course Julian Assange was A Rave Freak in the 90s

Twenty years ago, the WikiLeaks founder was a mysterious raver who went by the name of Prof.


Oh This? Just a Giant Starmap Made By a Hacked 80s Knitting Machine

Australian engineer Sarah Spencer unveiled “Stargazing: A knitted tapestry” over the weekend at the Electromagnetic Field Camp festival.


There’s a Volcano Quietly Simmering Under Melbourne

It's one of more than 400 mostly dormant volcanoes littered throughout south-eastern Australia.


One Punch Dickhead Released on Bail Because Jail Is 'Full'

Outrage grows in Australia as Ryan Wells is allowed to walk free.