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Say These Words, Get More Money

Negotiating a salary isn't rude.
Melissa Locker
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How to Negotiate Your Salary for the First Time

Negotiating your pay can mean more money now and a higher earning potential over your lifetime. Here's how to do it and why it is so important to start with your very first job offer.
Melissa Locker
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Wahlberg Got 1.5M for 'Money' Reshoots and Michelle Williams Got Less Than $1,000

The 'All the Money in the World' actress apparently offered to do the gig for free because of the crew's "massive effort."
River Donaghey

Surprise! New Study Finds the NZ Pay Gap Mostly Caused By Sexism

Science finally tells women what we've known all along.
Skara Bohny
Woke Dad

My Surprisingly Woke Dad Explains the Gender Pay Gap

In this new column, we ask our dads about politically correct terms.
Hannah Ewens

The NZ Wage Gap is Bigger Now Than 5 Years Ago. Here's Why.

We spoke to old-school feminist Prue Hyman about inequality, destroying capitalism and the failings of 'Lean In' feminism.
Tess McClure

Why More Women Are Paying for Sex Services

Dominatrixes, porn distributors, and more spoke to the reasons women feel more comfortable buying sexual experiences than ever.
Carrie Weisman
Views My Own

Pay Equity in New Zealand is a Race Issue, Not Just a Gender Issue

Pākehā women earn more than Māori, Pasifika and Asian men. This International Women's Day it's time to change the way we talk about the pay gap.
Miriama Aoake
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Proof, If You Actually Still Need it, That the Gender Pay Gap Is a Very Real Thing

After looking at the earnings of 500,000 UK workers, it was found that men are still paid vastly more than women across many jobs and regions.
VICE Staff