The Anxiety Hour

Filthyratbag Is the Viral Artist Drawing the Internet’s Midlife Crisis

18-year-old illustrator Celeste Mountjoy is here to remind you that teen angst is real angst.
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violent times

An Afternoon With the Yakuza: Japan’s Most Notorious Crime Syndicate

A group member reflects on their violent reputation and uncertain future as they face a public relations crisis in Japan.
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Why Some Women Are Staying Home for the Women's March This Year

A look at the popular protest three years after its first iteration.
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What We Lose When We Shop Online

How much time are we really saving—and at what cost?
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The Best Podcasts of 2018

Refresh your appointment listening with our picks for the best audio shows of the year.
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When Meditation Goes Wrong

For some people, meditating can lead to severe complications, from depression to traumatic flashbacks.
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Conan O'Brien's New Podcast Has an Insanely Good Guest Lineup

He'll be sitting down with Will Ferrell, Kristen Bell, Wanda Sykes, and many, many more.
River Donaghey

Kanye's iPhone Album Art and the Rise of 'Good Enough' Media

The album art for Kanye West's 'ye' was shot and edited on an iPhone, just like tons of other media that millions of people love.
Jason Koebler

These Women Are Taking Body Positivity Back from Brands

The hosts of the "She's All Fat" podcast talk about intersectionality, their "Fatmily," and why people who say, “You’re not fat, you’re beautiful” are missing the point.
Nicole Clark
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Dan Harmon Explains Exactly How He Harassed a Female 'Community' Writer

His accuser Megan Ganz called the confession a "master class in how to apologize."
Drew Schwartz

These Women Are Making Podcasting Less Bro-y

Werk It: A Women's Podcast Festival proves that righting the gender balance in the emerging artform is making progress.
Stephanie Van Schilt

How Podcasting Became Hollywood's Latest Obsession

Once the exclusive domain of techies and Trekkies, podcasting has grown into a culture-defining medium, a hot play for investors, and the entertainment industry's newest hunting ground for content and creators.
David Bienenstock