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All the Things the New Anti-Weed Crusade Gets Horribly Wrong

It's Reefer Madness all over again, somehow.
Maia Szalavitz
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Elon Musk Has 'No Idea' How to Smoke Weed, Says Elon Musk

"I don’t know how to smoke anything, honestly."
River Donaghey
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This Mom Allegedly Let Her 15-Year-Old Run an Illegal Pot Shop from Her Bedroom

She might have taken the "cool mom" thing a little too far.
Drew Schwartz

We Asked People About The Time They Got So High They Called 911

Weed is a pretty chill drug, but for some users, the experience results in a hilarious disaster.
Jackson Weaver
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Absolute Legend Grounds Southwest Plane After Sparking a J in the Bathroom

Apparently he's never heard of edibles.
Drew Schwartz

People Told Us the Highest They've Ever Been in Six Words

“Thought I was in SpongeBob’s house.”
Anna Goldfarb

How to Make a Bong Out of a Potato Chip Can

VICE's Trey Smith shows you how to use a pen, duct tape, a TV cable, and a potato chip can to make a reliable bong in just a few minutes.
VICE Staff
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Las Vegas's New Weed Museum Will Feature a Monstrous 22-Foot Bong

And you'll only have to pay $4.20 to see it.
Drew Schwartz
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Legal Weed Might Be Getting Pedestrians Killed, Study Finds

Deaths on US roadways shot up in states where weed is legal in 2017—and dropped across the rest of the country.
Drew Schwartz
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'Bachelor' Contestant Reported Missing After Going to Work on a Pot Farm

It turns out she just hadn't called her mom in a few days.
Lauren Messman

Nine Times Smoking Weed Went Terribly Wrong

Smoking weed is great. Smoking weed is terrible. Here are all the marijuana mishaps we could find in our archive.
Peter Slattery
The X Files

Watching 'The X-Files' Stoned Is the Only Good Thing About 2018

Trust us.
Emerson Rosenthal