'Phantom Pregnancy' Is One of the Most Bizarre Medical Mysteries

Her abdomen had swollen up like a pregnant woman’s and she looked like she could give birth any minute. But there was no baby.


Yes, You Can Get Pregnant When You're Already Pregnant

Just another thing to keep you up at night.


Nigerian Hospitals Are Locking Up Women Unable to Pay Their Childbirth Bills

Fashion designer Folake Oduyoye died in custody in 2016 after her hospital refused to discharge her until she paid her outstanding bill. Her death is part of a global phenomenon known as hospital detention.


Woman in Bangladesh Gives Birth Twice in a Month

The 20-year-old had never had an ultrasound in her life, so she didn't know she had two uteruses.


Someone in China Built a Creepy Database of 1.8 Million Women and Their 'Breedready' Status

It's unknown who compiled the list or how, but it includes everything from phone numbers to marital status.


Kiwi Teens Are In the Dark About Their Birth Control Options

The pill was the most commonly used contraceptive among young women interviewed in a new study, despite IUDs and implants being 22 times more effective.


A Sperm Drought is Hitting New Zealand Fertility Clinics

As fertility clinics struggle to meet demand, Kiwi women turn to social media’s unregulated sperm market.


Queensland Just Legalised Abortion, So What About the Rest of Australia?

Women in Queensland will now be able to access abortion up to 22 weeks into the pregnancy. Other states have different rules.


The Abortion I Had While Trying to Stay Clean

“I wanted a child, but logic told me I must terminate. What if I could not stay off drugs?”


Pregnant and Nursing Women Shouldn't Use Marijuana, New Guidelines Say

There's limited research on marijuana but doctors say enough concerns exist about both short-term growth and long-term neurological consequences for children to recommend against it.


This Is How Cocaine Affects Your Sperm and Your Dick

Do enough coke and it can cause priapism – a persistent, and very painful, erection.


Celebrities Need to Stop Endorsing Detox Teas

Cardi B is the last person I'd expect to go full Kim Kardashian on me with this weight-loss product endorsement.