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Nigerian Hospitals Are Locking Up Women Unable to Pay Their Childbirth Bills

Fashion designer Folake Oduyoye died in custody in 2016 after her hospital refused to discharge her until she paid her outstanding bill. Her death is part of a global phenomenon known as hospital detention.


Why Indian Women Are Fighting to Pray Inside Their Own Temples

In India, women are banned from entering Hindu temples if they are on their period. But increasing numbers are protesting to demand the right to worship, pray, and menstruate inside religious institutions.


Abortion in New Zealand and How We Got Here

Untangling the criminal history of abortions in New Zealand shows our laws have long been out of step with society.


Minnie Dean Is a Victim of Old New Zealand's Puritanical Views on Reproductive Rights

Vilified in the press as a child murder, Minnie Dean was a woman who took care of kids no one else wanted.


Ireland Has Voted to Legalise Abortion

In a stunning victory for reproductive rights, the Irish public has chosen to repeal the Eighth Amendment—meaning that for the first time ever, abortion will be legal in the country.


I Was Forced to Carry an Unviable Pregnancy to Term; This Is My Diary

When doctors told Claire Cullen-Delsol that her pregnancy wasn't viable due to a chromosomal disorder, she requested a termination – but was denied it under Ireland's abortion laws. She documented her experiences in a diary, which she shares here.


What It's Like to Travel to a Foreign Country for an Abortion

Every year, thousands of Irish women travel to the UK to access safe and legal abortion. These are their stories.


Tanzania Plans to Arrest Pregnant Girls and Take Them to Court

The regional commissioner in charge of the plan argued that it would make them less likely to have sex.


For The Record: How Feminist are New Zealand’s MPs Really?

It's never been more fashionable to call yourself a feminist. But for politicians claiming the label, how does their voting record square up?


Trump Just Made It Easier for States to Target Planned Parenthood

The president reversed an Obama-era rule that said states can't defund family planning clinics just because they also provide abortions.


New Zealand Women Talk About Their Experiences of Abortion

We spoke to four women about all the legal sidestepping they had to go through to terminate unwanted pregnancies.