Richard Spencer


Facebook is letting white nationalist hate groups operate in the open

Facebook says it takes online and offline actions into account when deciding whether to ban a hate group.


Does Unleashing a Neo-Nazi 'Troll Army' Count as Free Speech?

Andrew Anglin's lawyers are arguing the notorious white supremacist didn't break the law when he ordered his followers to harass a Jewish realtor.


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The Neo-Nazi Home of the UK Alt-Right

The London Forum has built a shadowy network of racist meet-ups.


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Milo Yiannopoulos Billed $50,000 by Australian Police

Violent protests at his Melbourne speaking event injured several officers and saw two people arrested.


This Is What Europe's Largest Nationalist March Looks Like

Sixty-thousand people marched through Poland's capital city in one of Europe's biggest nationalist demonstrations.


Here's What the Right Is Saying About Charlottesville

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White Nationalists Are About to Descend on Virginia

The Unite the Right rally is hitting Charlottesville this weekend. How many trolls will show up IRL?


Neo-Nazis Can't Find Airbnbs for Their Massive Rally

The company has shut down accounts belonging to some members of the alt-right ahead of a major nationalist protest in Virginia.


Removing Confederate Statues Won't Change America's Ugly Past

Symbolic victories may ease white guilt, but they won't put black kids through school or pay for their legal defense.