Kim Jong Un and Putin Are About to Take Their Relationship to the Next Level

The two world leaders could have their first meeting as early as next week.


Portraits of Women Inside Russia’s Modern Gulags

"In jail they don't stop being mothers, sisters, teachers, loved ones, grandparents, or simply cute girls."


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The Mueller Report Actually Looks Like Good News for the Democrats

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Professional Slapping Is the World’s Greatest Sport

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Republicans Are Overjoyed by Barr's Summary of Mueller's Key Findings

Democrats are demanding full transparency after learning Mueller found no evidence the Trump campaign colluded with Russia.


Read the 'Brief Letter' Congress Just Received About the Mueller Report's Findings

Rep. Jerry Nadler said the investigation doesn't conclude President Donald Trump committed a crime but “also does not exonerate him.”


Mueller Report Did Not Find Trump Campaign Conspired With Russia, Attorney General Says

The attorney general says that the special counsel's report did not find Trump colluded with Russia or obstructed justice, and that there are no more indictments planned in the case. ​


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“The future of our children is terrifying.”


Pussy Riot Turns Buildings Into Protest Art

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