South Korea

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South Korea Trials Lazers on Road Crossings to Distract People From Their Phones

The country has one of the highest rates of pedestrian fatalities in the developed world.
Edoardo Liotta
South Korea

K-Pop’s Squeaky Clean Image Tarnished by Recent Sex Scandals Involving Its Biggest Stars

The multi-billion industry has a serious problem of sexual misconduct and abuse of power.
Mustika Hapsoro
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Seoul’s Mayor Pledges to Ban Dog Butcheries After Seeing a Movie About a Dog

Mayor Park Won-soon announced that he would crack down on South Korea's dog meat industry after seeing an animated kids' film called 'Underdog'.
Gavin Butler
Deadly Disruption

South Korea's Taxi Drivers Keep Setting Themselves On Fire to Protest a New Ridehailing Service

There's a dark side to the on-demand industry.
Mustika Hapsoro
South Korea

South Korea Is Giving Men Money to Buy a Bride to Save Its Shrinking Population

If you're a single man living in the country's rural areas, you may qualify for this marriage subsidy program.
Mustika Hapsoro

South Korea Supplied Oil to North Korea and Didn’t Tell Anyone

The revelation comes amid a standstill on denuclearization talks between Washington and Pyongyang.
David Gilbert

Inside North Korea’s Mass Games: The Strangest Show on Earth

The DPRK wants you to know that they come in peace
Tristan Kennedy

A Glimpse of Seoul’s Pulsating Rave Scene

"No one knows what will happen tomorrow, after the loud music has stopped."
Juule Kay

South Koreans Are Sending Themselves to a Fake Jail to Escape Daily Life

Thousand of people are locking themselves up as a way to get out of work.
Gavin Butler

The World's First Non-Korean K-Pop Group

We met up with the members of EXP Edition to find out why they’re trying to become the genre’s next breakout stars.
VICE Staff

A Good Day to Die: Fake Funerals in South Korea

We head to Seoul to find out why so many Koreans are taking their own lives and why others are pretending to die in order to live better.
VICE Staff
South Korea

A Look At the Influence of Gangs and K-Pop on Korean Beauty Ideals

​In the final episode of Beyond Beauty, Grace Neutral meets a Korean gang member and a K-Pop superstar, to paint a more detailed picture of what influences the country's youth and their vision of modern beauty.
i-D Staff