We Asked 105 Experts What Scares and Inspires Them Most About the Future

Climate change, extremism, and artificial intelligence were among the top fears, and young people, technology, and equality were among the top hopes.
Becky Ferreira
Dystopian Utopias

I Tried to Survive on a Deserted Tropical Island In the Philippines

What happens when you take "getting away from it all," a bit too seriously.
Alice .
It's the end of the world as we know it

Hanging Out With the Followers of Indonesia's Self-Proclaimed Doomsday Prophet

The world is going to end. It's bad news for most of us, but, for a select few, a ride on a UFO to a new Earth awaits.
Arzia Tivany Wargadiredja
The Dystopia and Utopia Issue

I Lived Exclusively Off Doomsday Prepper Food for a Week

Fearing natural disasters and nuclear war, Americans are investing in freeze-dried food. But how does it taste?
Emilie Friedlander
The Dystopia and Utopia Issue

Failed 'Utopias' Throughout History

An illustrated account of both evil and righteous attempts to create a "perfect" society. They were all fantastically unsuccessful.
Oscar Rickett
The Dystopia and Utopia Issue

VICE Magazine's Dystopia and Utopia Issue Is Now Online

Our first quarterly issue features unseen work from photo legend Roger Ballen, investigates gun violence and trauma in New Orleans, taste tests food for the apocalypse, teaches you how to build your own time capsule, and much more.
Ellis Jones
New music

Björk's New Song "Blissing Me" Is an Oasis of Calm

It's accompanied by a video directed by fashion photographer Tim Walker.
Lauren O'Neill

Could an Exclusively Right-Wing Society Ever Be Truly Happy?

According to science and psychology, should we all be striving for a left or a right-wing "utopia"?
Scott Oliver