The Restless Youth Issue

The Making of Chlöe Swarbrick

For the first time, New Zealand's rising political star opens up about her fractured family background and overcoming depression.
James Borrowdale
The Restless Youth Issue

Ten Veteran Organizers on the Key to Effective Activism

"Nothing ever changes in Washington—or at any level of government—until regular people stand up and demand change."
Kirsten Gillibrand, Linda Sarsour, David S. Johnson, and more
The Restless Youth Issue

At City Hall with Trayvon Martin’s Brother, a Rising Community Organizer

In the five years since his brother's murder, Jahvaris Fulton has transformed from a quiet son who stayed largely out of the public eye to a rising force in New York City's local government scene.
Timothy Bella
The Restless Youth Issue

What Does LGBTQ Activism Look Like in Italy?

"Just because I'm gay doesn't mean I'm an atheist. And I feel sorry for those who deny their sexuality in the name of religion."
Vincenzo Ligresti
The Restless Youth Issue

Inside the Animal Rights Organization the FBI Considers a Terrorist Group

FOIA docs reveal that the FBI has been keeping an eye on the Animal Liberation Front for decades.
Jason Leopold
The Restless Youth Issue

California Anti-Fascists Want Racists and the Trump Administration to Be Afraid

The state has a long history of anarchist organizing dating back to the turn of the 20th century.
Whitney Mallett
The Restless Youth Issue

Wild Rent Hikes Are Leaving Europe’s Cities Totally Unaffordable

Meet the young European activists fighting against the EU's housing crisis.
Caelainn Hogan

Surprising Photos from the US-Mexico Border

We spoke to men and women who are trying to show what Texas really is.
Elliot Ross and Genevieve Allison
The Restless Youth Issue

No Matter the Election Results, Parisian Youth Are Crying 'F*ck the Police'

There is also an insoluble quality to French police violence, which resists being explained by recent laws or electoral politics.
Yohann Koshy
The Restless Youth Issue

Women Overcoming the Patriarchy in Saudi Arabia

With a relatively high female unemployment rate, the nation has few opportunities for them in skilled labor.
Laura Boushnak
The Restless Youth Issue

A Timeline of Youth in Revolt

The world’s youth have always found ways to stand up for what’s right.
Haisam Hussein
The Restless Youth Issue

Breaking the Cycle That Keeps Girls Out of School Monthly

High school senior Maya Penn is working to get sanitary products to women and girls in developing countries.
Mary Pilon