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The Life and Strange Death of the Khmer Rouge Survivor Who Won an Oscar, Then Got Murdered

Today marks the 20-year anniversary of the murder of Haing S. Ngor, which some believe was ordered by the Khmer Rouge in response to his role in 'The Killing Fields.'
​Simon Henderson
2 days ago

I Tested out Three Cambodian Spiritual Practices

In the village where I live and work for a small NGO, folk religion is woven into the way locals experience daily life. People swap tips about the best local fortune-tellers and healers. They chalk skulls and crosses on their door frames to protect...
Nathan A. Thompson

What Do You Do When You Think You Have a Murderer in the Family?

I've come to believe that my grandmother literally poisoned those around her.
John Reed

The Frustrated Punks of Burma

Look fucking cool.
Henry Langston

I Went to an Islamic Exorcism in the Back of a Glaswegian Nail Salon

Turns out it's as good a place as any to cleanse your soul of evil spirits.
Nick Chester

South Asian Men Are Wrestling in the Dubai Desert to Keep the Art of Pehlwani Alive

Every Friday a diverse crowd gathers to witness Pehlwani—a raucous form of wrestling from the Asian subcontinent that’s being kept alive in Dubai while it fades away in its homeland.
Gaar Adams

Yoga’s Culture of Sexual Abuse Can’t Be Ignored

As the yoga market is flooded with gurus offering inner peace for $20 an hour, we remain naive to how vulnerable many people may be.
Wendy Syfret

Inside the Former Yugoslavian President's Lavish New Year Parties

Josip Broz Tito, the post-WWII leader of former Yugoslavia, didn't let communist purse-tightening keep him from getting down and dirty on New Year's.
Lazara Marinkovic; Photos: Museum of Yugoslav Histor

Photos of Activists Partying Outside Prisons on New Year's Eve

Every year, activists gather outside British prisons to make as much noise as possible in order to make inmates feel more connected to the outside world on the biggest party night of the year.
Chris Bethell
The Fashion Issue 2012

Christmas in the Andes

The girls all braid their hair and put on their finest brocade skirts and hats. The boys put on their nicest ski masks and leather chaps and affix a dead bird to the top of their noggins.
Lele Saveri

I Shot My Dick Off in Vietnam

Having fully intact genitals is something most of us take for granted. But some people, like Jim, are not so lucky. Jim accidentally shot off most of his penis while serving as a soldier in Vietnam. He was 18 at the time, and has since struggled with...
Karley Sciortino

​All the Reasons Summer Is the Worst

Let's get real about summer.
VICE Staff