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'Unite the Right 2' Was an Incredible Self-Own for Racists

This wasn't hard to see coming.
Allie Conti
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David Duke Is Apparently Worried He Looks Like an Idiot in 'BlacKkKlansman'

The former Klan leader called up Ron Stallworth, the cop who the film is based on, because he was "concerned about how he is going to be portrayed."
Drew Schwartz
Canadian Far Right Extremism

Atomwaffen, an American Neo-Nazi Terror Group, Is In Canada

VICE can reveal Atomwaffen's graphic designer is from Ontario, believed to be the first known Canadian in the group.
Mack Lamoureux
Ben Makuch
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What Charles Manson Had in Common with the Alt-Right

Besides fear of black people and anxiety about the collapse of the white race, Manson and the modern far-right also shared fantasies about the future.
Josiah Hesse
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Twitter Suspended Me for Trolling White Supremacists

I tweeted what was intended as satire of a festering right-wing panic over Antifa allegedly planning violence on November 4. It got weird from there.
Krang T. Nelson

Why So Many White Supremacists Are into Veganism

From Hitler to present-day national socialists with YouTube cooking channels, the far right's anti-meat ideology runs surprisingly deep.
Alexis de Coning
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An Alt-Right Group Is Trying to Recruit College Kids Like It's a Frat

Identity Evropa, which coined the "You Will Not Replace Us" chant, is leading a guerilla recruitment campaign on college campuses across the country, according to a new report.
Allie Conti

The Alt-Right and Antifa Are Waging a New Kind of Internet Warfare

Intelligence and surveillance powers that once belonged only to militaries and state spooks are now available to anyone with a high-speed internet connection.
Jacob Siegel
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Even Robert E. Lee's Descendants Don't Like White Nationalists

The Confederate general's great-great-grandchildren denounced protesters who "think that they can hide behind Robert E. Lee's name and his life for these senseless acts of violence."
Drew Schwartz

Viral Sleuthing Could Make It Harder to Prosecute White Supremacists

An internet posse can help police find suspects, but also give defense lawyers a way to argue a case is tainted.
Maurice Chammah
Simone Weichselbaum
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Why I Finally Left My Prison Skinhead Gang

White supremacists were my family, until my own horrible act of violence against a friend showed me I had to walk away.
Daniel J. Royston

'Heil Trump': Members of the Alt-Right Are Looking Forward to a Whiter America

The alt-right's premiere think tank held a conference over the weekend to hose some of the most famous white supremacists in the world. This is what they said.
Wilbert L. Cooper