Your 2017 Guide to Cults and Fringe Religions


Meet Lizzy Rose, Your Friendly Neighbourhood Exorcist Mum

Spending an afternoon in the low key world of suburban exorcisms.


Wait a Minute, is Satanism Actually Really Great?

A weak but all-round enjoyable investigation.


Did a Japanese Cult Detonate a Nuclear Bomb in the Australian Desert?

We get to the bottom of what Aum Shinrikyo was and wasn't doing in Western Australia.


I Road-Tested Three Cults Around Melbourne

Am I a Moonie, a Scientologist, or a Hare Krishna?


A Day With the Australian Couple Who Say They're Jesus and Mary

We talked a lot about self-assurance.


I Asked a Muslim Sorcerer to Put a Spell on My Girlfriend

The Melbourne "mullah" needed a skull and some dirty clothes. Then we got to work.


In 2017, You Can't Always Spot a Cult From the Outside

A cult expert explains how to avoid being brainwashed in a world where everyone is promising the answer.


Rare Photos From Jonestown, the Deadliest Cult in American History

A glimpse inside the lives of Jim Jones' 909 followers, before they "drank the Kool-Aid."