Jason Nocito Has a Distant Lover

He also hearts Transylvania, and a girl called Meghan.

Jason Nocito, our bearded photographer-genius friend, has a new photoshow opening this Thursday in San Fransisco. Entitled "I Heart Transylvania", the show features work Jason made over a four year time span, mostly shot in beautiful (or not so, you be the judge) Vancouver, British Columbia.

It seems that Jason met and fell in love with a young nursing student and made these photos on his repeated trips back to the city to see her. You can see Meghan, his lady friend, in many of the photos, along with bathtubs, graveyards, and snowy roads and beaches. All together, they paint a abstractly-personal portrait (but one many of us can relate to) about how great it is to love someone and how much it sucks when he or she lives far away. Go to the show!

The "I Heart Transylvania" Opening Reception will be held on Thursday, November 15, 6-9 PM
Little Big Man Gallery
234 Rich street
SF CA 9410