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A Fist in the Face of God Presents... DJ Fenriz' 40th Anniversary Vinyl Mix

I would have got it to you three months ago if Royal Mail staff didn't love Norwegian metal so much.

by Dylan Hughes
13 February 2012, 12:25pm

Fenriz, 20 years and three months ago

So, the sun has ceded control of the sky to thick, black clouds and all the babies in the world are screaming. It can only mean one thing – Gylve "Fenriz" Nagell, the engine behind Darkthrone and regular VICE mixmaker, has made us something new to listen to. Well, actually, it's not all that new any more, thanks to the thieving Royal Mail Christmas temps who clearly stole the two mixes he sent me in December. I hope that their mothers were pleased with their presents.

Being the insanely nice guy that he is, Fenriz invited me out to see him in Norway to collect the mix – which he put together to mark his 40th birthday – in person, as well as to watch a bunch of the bands he's been raving to me about for the past few years.

Here, finally – three months late – is DJ Fenriz' 40th anniversary vinyl mix "Slow Black Death", and what a killer selection it is, encompassing many different styles of loud as well as Diamanda Galás. I am not sure how we got onto the subject, but the first time we met Fenriz told me that while him and Ted (aka Nocturno Culto, his bandmate in Darkthrone) were recording the legendary A Blaze In The Northern Sky, they would smoke hash and listen to Diamanda Galás. In the dark. He doesn't blaze any more, but man, from this mix that is almost hard to believe.

Anyways, here it is. Enjoy it, and in the next month or so I will be posting the other mix he's done for us – a house mix. This guy's full of surprises, huh?


1. Intro
2. Execration (Norway) "Intermezzo I/A Crutch for Consolation" (2011)
3. Jex Thoth (USA) "Kagemni" (2009)
4. Rippikoulu (Finland) "Pimeys Yllä Jumalan Maan" (1993)
5. Diamanda Galás (USA) "Εξελόυμε (Deliver Me)" (1986)
6. Goatlord (USA) "The Fog" (1987)
7. Faustcoven (Norway) "Whisky Demon" (2008)
8. Saturnalia Temple (Sweden) "Aion of Drakon" (2011)
9. Bathory (Sweden) "One Rode to Asa Bay" (1990)



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