Witness Birth, Life, and Death in One White Cube

Uliana Apatina reinvents the "sacred space" inside a permanent installation in London.

by Anya Tchoupakov
18 November 2015, 6:45pm

White Light, Episode 1: Fears. Photos by Thomas Erskine, courtesy the artist

Uliana Apatina continues her work reinventing the sacred space in a new solo project housed at Chisendale Studios in London. White Light was created for Art Licks Weekend 2015 and is described by the artist as an inversion of The cReature, a previous film “dedicated to an investigation of birth-life-death sequence [that] lasted for three days.” In the film, “though White Light is conversing with The cReature, strategically it acquires a very different vibe, in spite of containing hyper-sensitive episodes of fears, frustrations, memories and contemporary technological paranoias, it is a happy film spiced with humor and self acceptance.”

White Light, which was built by Simon Humphries, is presented on separate monitors run simultaneously to create an immersive video installation. The process of painting the white cube for the project (which will remain as a permanent installation) was performed by the artist, “battling with empty space through art historical references to painting practices and processes.” This project specifically “mimic[s] an atmosphere of a standard white cube gallery space—sacred space of contemporary art.”

Apatina continues to redefine the idea of the profound in ever more intriguing ways. Put simply, she's “striving to grasp the fundaments of human existence.” Then again, aren’t we all?

See stills and photos from the project here:

White Light, Episode 7: White Cube Ashtanga

White Light, Episode 9: After White Light

Read more about White Light and Uliana Apatina's other works on her website.


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