Meet the Vine Star Inside Adult Swim's Black Jesus

Here's how Andrew Bachelor turned his Vine account into a job.

by Annie Armstrong
06 November 2015, 7:12pm

Andrew Bachelor as Trayvon on the far left. Image courtesy of Adult Swim.

In its second season, or, second coming, Adult Swim’s Black Jesus is once again spreading the good word to the citizens of Compton. The show has impressed audiences with it’s humorous take on sacrilege while at the same time portraying a refreshing spin on what Jesus’ teachings may look like in today’s society. Why is the image of Jesus smoking blunts so satisfying to watch? All jokes aside, it’s this modern take on a traditional and often out-dated religion that has us hooked.

 Andrew Bachelor, one of the show’s breakout stars is another modern oddity due to the unconventional way he was scouted for the show. The Florida State University film school grad who plays the lovable right-hand man of Black Jesus, Trayvon, is also the man behind the Shorty Award winning Vine account KingBach. Bachelor’s Vine account averages around 10 million plays per Vine and over 14 million followers. “It’s an effort to tell a full story that is condensed to 6 seconds,” Bachelor tells The Creators Project, “It really is a craft.”

Vine currently houses 40 million users, so getting a pronounced voice heard is no easy feat. Becoming YouTube famous and then getting an agent or record deal has been a phenomena for a while now, but with Vine’s strict six-second platform, the users who can take Vine popularity and make it translate into a larger show is an impressive versatility. "I don’t write my stuff down beforehand. I  just have the idea in my head and it takes about 10 minutes to film it. I just take a situation that happens in real life, and I find a way to fit it into six seconds," says Bachelor of his creative process.

Talented Vine accounts have been able to turn their six seconds of fame into a career are singer-songwriter Shawn Mendes and dancer AmyMarie Gaertner. In fact, Bachelor was one of the Vine stars that was invited to the White House last week by Michelle Obama to celebrate the kickoff of her new non-profit startup, Better Make Room along with Viners such as Lele Pons and Jerome Jarre.

Bachelor’s Vines put on a more lively and perhaps slightly less intellectual persona than his character on Black Jesus. KingBach’s Vines feature a couple of recurring characters, such as the closeted rapper who slips his real desires while freestyling, a genie that appears when you rub a bottle of grape soda, and, most famously, the guy that comes to save the day but only really shows up to show off his sick backflip, which has given Bachelor his trademark catchphrase, “but that backflip tho.”

Since his success with Vine that started in 2013, Bachelor has only continued to expand his horizons. Bachelor uploads longer form skits to his Youtube channel, BachelorPadTv as a comedy web series alongside his work with Black Jesus. The transition between Vine skits of comedy to a full episode have not proven difficult to the versatile actor. “It’s all pretty much the same to me. Comedy is just being true to yourself. It’s been a cool transition,” Bachelor explains, “Just because I’ve done film school before, so it’s not really a big difference for me, but yeah, it’s fun!”

Tune in to see Bachelor in a full 30 minutes of action of Black Jesus Fridays at 11pm EST on Adult Swim, and click here to watch more of KingBach’s Vines.


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