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Warped Fashion Photos Stretch Models Like A Funhouse Mirror

"Extended" stretches beauty out like a slinky.

by Bogar Alonso
24 July 2014, 9:00pm

Using a hand-picked assortment fashion stills, Venezuelan Art Director Gilber Franco manipulates the oft-generic photo form into a slurred revision that invokes the spirit of carnival mirrors.

In his series Extended, Franco takes the work of photographers Nino Yap, Carlos DiQuercia, Joanna Wilinska, Zean Vo, and Charudutt Chitrak and warps them as the project’s name suggests.

Through digital means, Franco plays up the movement, blocking, and sensual appeal of each original piece to an exaggerated end. 

The Nino Yap original.

The Franco edit.

As an experimental personal project, Extended allows Franco to explore some linchpin concepts of fashion photography, while also further exposing work that has turned the art into a parody of itself.

While not on the level of futurism as flying dresses or glitched-out apparel, Extended is also a fun way to look forward into a time where visual editing programs are as much an accessory as the clothes on display.

Edit: Gilber Franco. Original: Carlos Diquercia.

Edit: Gilber Franco. Original: Joanna Wilinska.

Edit: Gilber Franco. Original: Carlos Diquercia.

Edit: Gilber Franco. Original: Carlos Texeira.


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