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Stream a Tense and Taut Track from Roman Flügel​'s "Black Acid" EP Right Now

"Work & TV" is taken from the German super-producer's most recent release for Phonica Records.

by Josh Baines
03 March 2017, 11:56am

Writing track premiers is quite difficult, you know readers. You probably think that I swan into work at midday, sit on an expensive beanbag, drinking expensive smoothies, eating expensive sandwiches, waiting for inspiration to strike, for my heart to guide my hand into writing 300 immaculately chosen words about a very exciting new record that we're generously sharing with you for free. You probably think that I write those 300 words and then look at my bulging bank account and laugh long and hard, sacking the office off at half one for a very long, very boozy lunch with a few of my showbiz pals. You probably think that I sit there with Giles Coren and Miranda Hart talking about the quality of my track premier write-ups, as we quaff champers and roar with laughter—a self-satisfied trio hopped up on smugness and very, very, very pricey pasta.

You'd be wrong. The reality is that it is hard fucking work. Not as hard as being a nurse or a scaffolder or a teacher or a vet or sewage worker or a management consultant or a gardner or a traffic warden or a solicitor or anything like that, but it is still demanding, it still puts a strain on the worker. At night I see SoundCloud embed codes. Do you have to live with that? No.

But you know what? I don't regret any of it for a second, because if I wasn't doing this, who'd be out there to tell you about how fantastic Roman Flügel's Black Acid EP for Phonica is? Who'd be able to inform you that the four track release sees the German producer in typically terrific form, with the tense and spacey "Work & TV" being a particular highlight? Who?

I'll leave you to answer that as you listen to the track below.

The Black Acid EP is out now on vinyl and arrives in digital form on the 31st of March via Phonica.