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We Asked People to Show Us the Most Recently Deleted Photo on Their Phones

Weekend acid trips, gym selfies, and stolen cheese—what they hoped they'd never see again.
04 April 2017, 5:15am

_This article was originally published on VICE New Zealand. _

After the weekend things can be a blur. Whether you chilled out and caught up with yourself or got on it. Mondays are for memories, and even when you don't have any, you still have your cell phone silently documenting your life whether you like it or not.

We hit Auckland's streets on Monday lunchtime to find out how New Zealanders' weekend went and if they would share the moments they edited out. Some didn't know they even had a 'recently deleted' folder in their phones. Others had to carefully check their camera rolls before deciding to participate. Here's what we found.

Kerry, 20

VICE: Hey Kerry. So what did you get up to on the weekend?
Kerry: Few of my boys, we cruised out to Piha and we dropped a tab. We were just chilling out at Piha pretty much, just laxing, had a few beersies smoke some durries and just listened to some beats.

Mean trip?
Yeah awesome trip, nah it was a good time.

Do you do dodgy shit is that why you make sure your deleted folder is always empty?
I don't know how to answer that.

Have you got a nosy girlfriend or something?
(Laughs) My shots are on a film camera, because I shoot film, so then I just take a picture of that and then delete it off my phone.

Simply an organised human?
Yeah, pretty much.

Jack, 23

Hi Jack. Can you show us your last deleted photos, did your phone come out over the weekend?
Yes, my phone definitely came out on the weekend. I thought there would be a nude, but nope, I didn't delete anything because I'm very proud of all my nudes—I'm going to show them to the world one day. This weekend I ended up climbing through a window in the YMCA at like 6 AM then I stole some cheese and then I went home.

Suzana, 33

Hi. Can you tell me a bit about yourself?
I am from Brazil but I work at a bar down the road because there's not enough work to go round.

What was the the last photo you deleted?
It was just on the weekend. I went to the gym so I deleted some of my selfies there.

Johnson, 20

So what are you doing in your photo?
Selling kimchi over at a Korean day over in Albany at the North Shore events centre. It was cool I'm working with the only Kimchi company in New Zealand that makes their Kimchi here, not imported. It's fermented cabbage, a Korean delicacy.

Do you like it?

Were there heaps of people there?
We sold everything.

And then your friend took the photo?
Yup, he took the photo and then I deleted it because I was embarrassed. The hair net and all that, and now I'm showing you.

Amarichi, 23

So what's the story?
Well I like to take selfies so I guess I try to make a cool Instagram. I've deleted over 100 selfies as my last deleted photos, that's horrible isn't it? That's effort. Like, I need to get a job.

Where were you?
At my parents' place in Rotorua.

Kane Strang, 24

Hey Kane. What's happening in your photo?
That is Rassani Tolovaa, my friend and the bass player in my band. I think it was taken at a party we had at my flat before we went to America. I've known him for about five years and we once shared a single room in Germany for five months.

Words and pictures by Aleyna Martinez. Follow Aleyna on Instagram.