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Fun Fact: Charli XCX Made a Whole Album in a Weekend

Yep, while you were sicking up or whatever, UK pop's grafter whipped up a nine-song record.

by Lauren O'Neill
15 May 2017, 12:10pm

Here's the deal. Charli XCX, creative force and by far the best pop star birthed on British soil since at least Mutya from the Sugababes, has made another album. And because she's a genius, she made this one in a day. One day. Sometimes it takes me an entire day to work myself up to have a shower.

In the amount of time that I routinely spend rotting in bed, lifelessly swiping through Tinder and watching whatever hype show just started on Netflix that week (this time it was Master of None, thank you Aziz Ansari), Charli XCX made an album. And, let's face it, it's probably some striking and forward-thinking pop, not unlike her last release Number 1 Angel.

On Saturday, Charli announced her plans to make a record in a day, with PC Music producer AG Cook. Exhibit A:

Next, she tweeted the tracklist in response to music writer Peter Robinson. Exhibit B:

This public display may well mean that we'll actually get to hear this album, whose tracklist reads like what I imagine all song titles would for a 'summer just started and now it's time to build the future's wistful memories' high school soundtrack. It's exciting to see Charli extending the mixtape-style model that we often see in hip-hop to pop, because the market doesn't just move quickly in hip-hop now. Pop music, where streaming is king, is so rapid, that this might well be the way people end up going about things in future. Then again, that style may only work for those, like Charli, who hardly seem to run out of ideas. Like her music or not, this work rate probably puts your weekend in perspective.

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(Image via Charli XCX on Instagram)