VICE Does 'Love Island'

Celebrate Amber and Greg's Win with the Final VICE Does 'Love Island' Podcast

Rightful victors, in our opinion.

by VICE Staff
04 June 2019, 5:55pm

Image: VICE

Hey, you! You like Love Island, right? Do you also happen to like listening to people talking about Love Island? If so: you're in exactly the right place. While the show runs on ITV2, VICE Does Love Island – our very own Love Island pod – will be dropping on Tuesdays and Fridays into your patiently waiting earholes. You'll be able to find links to every episode here – but even better, stay loyal and make sure to subscribe wherever you get your podcasts.

On Episode 17, Emma Garland and Lauren O'Neill bid farewell to Love Island 2019, discuss why Amber and Greg were the rightful victors and wonder: 'What the fuck are any of us going to do now?'

Episode 17 – Tuesday the 29th of July

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You can listen and subscribe to the VICE Does 'Love Island' podcast through iTunes, Acast and Spotify, or follow it on Soundcloud if that's more your thing. See more 'Love Island' content from VICE UK.

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