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Space Aliens May Not Exist But This Sweet Sampha and Syd Collab Does

Consider "Show Love" from the Everything Is Recorded project a cosmic bridge between London and LA.

by Noisey UK Staff
19 October 2017, 4:00pm

First up, as you will see in the above lyric video for new track "Show Love", XL Recordings boss Richard Russell has a damn good vessel for holding incense. Check out that majestic, not too big and not too small Buddha – it's the kind of contraption that has me wondering why I ever bought a wooden incense holder from the market and didn't roll in the deep from the very beginning. Spiritual fathers, I have failed thee. Take my life.

Second of all – as you'll no doubt already know from having read the headline and not being a complete dummy – there is a track featuring Syd and Sampha. Syd! And Sampha! What a beautiful duo (and weirdly a partnering of names that phonetically seem ready made for hosting a children's television programme). Titled "Show Love", the song is from Richard Russell's Everything Is Recorded project – which you should absolutely read about in more depth here.

Now press that mother-fucking play button above!

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