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The Whitney Houston Doc's Theatrical Trailer Is an Emotional Watch

A new full-length trailer for 'Whitney' features unseen archival footage of Houston herself and the many characters in her operatic life, including Bobby Brown.

by Phil Witmer
17 May 2018, 8:23am


In case you weren't in your feelings already from the teaser trailer for Whitney, the upcoming Whitney Houston documentary approved by the late legend's estate, the official full trailer will probably get you there big time. As reported by Rolling Stone, the trailer runs through the Kevin MacDonald-directed film's epic scope and seems to promise comprehensive coverage of the many phases of Houston's life and career, from her beginnings in her musical family to her troubled marriage to Bobby Brown. "Bobby was jealous," an interviewee recalls in the trailer, "he wanted to be at the forefront and eventually she stepped down to lift him up."

Despite the implied heavy tone of the doc via the many clips of interviewees in tears, there's also a tidbit of candid "I don't think of her"-level backstage shade from Houston in one of the new archival clips wherein she states, "People think it's so easy, and it's not. Paula Abdul ain't shit. That girl is singing off-key on the record." As I said, all sides of Houston's story will probably be present in this doc. Whitney is out July 6, you can watch the full trailer above.

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