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Future and Chance the Rapper Finally Release "My Peak"

After Chance posted snippets of the song to instagram last February, the much-bootlegged collaboration finally gets a proper release.

by Alex Robert Ross
08 May 2018, 9:05am

A little over a year ago, Chance the Rapper posted some studio footage to Instagram. The two clips, uploaded with the caption "#mypeak," previewed a new collaboration with Future and DJ Esco that sounded great and then cut off too soon. Bootlegged versions of the song ended up on YouTube, but it wasn't worth sifting through them after a month. Future records hundreds of songs every year that never make it out into the world. Sometimes you just have to be content with two new albums, a full-length Young Thug collaboration, and a handful of solid features in a year.

But, after a high-quality version of the song went around the internet over the weekend, Future has released "My Peak" for real. It works around a gloomy piano loop, and Future holds down the hook. Chance's verse hits all the topics he'd dealt on Coloring Book, just months before recording this verse: the church, independence, holding the devil at arm's-length. Fellow Chicagoan King Louie takes the second verse, with his voice doubled. The reference to L.A. Reid, who stepped down as the head of Epic Records last year after allegations of sexual harassment, hits the ear at a stranger angle than it must've when the song was recorded. But the verse is solid enough elsewhere.

Listen to "My Peak" at the top of the page. Finally.

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This article originally appeared on Noisey US.