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Detroit DJs Met with the Mayor About Expanding the City's Nightlife Economy

Members of its electronic music scene met with Mark Duggan about what he could do the help the local scene.

by Alexander Iadarola
29 June 2017, 9:05am

Photo of Omar-S courtesy of the artist.

Omar-S, Theo Parrish, Mike Banks, and other influential Detroit producers met with Mayor Mike Duggan last week to discuss making the city a bigger techno destination, reports Metro Times. They talked about ways the city could make more money from the electronic music culture it innovated, and what the Mayor could do to help.

The musicians asked Duggan to loosen restrictions surrounding nightlife—such as how late bars are allowed to stay open—and appoint an official nightlife liaison to his staff. They also suggested that he open an entertainment district in the city where parties would be allowed to go later and be legally held in more kinds of spaces.

Per the report, Duggan seemed receptive to the idea of a nightlife liaison, though he was less supportive of the entertainment district. He did say positive things about the possibility of allowing nightlife to go later. "We need to do it in a way that's sensitive to neighbors and the like, but I think if we plan it together we can do it," he said.

As it stands right now, some bars in Detroit are allowed to stay open until 4 AM on certain nights of the year, but most have to close at 2 AM.

Members of the city's street racing community were also at the meeting, where they talked about the possibility of working with the city to make the industry more profitable.

THUMP recently spoke to Mayoral candidate Ingrid LaFleur about her plan to utilize techno as a bigger part of the economy.

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