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Enjoy This Video of Danny L Harle Making a Track in, Like, Ten Minutes

Watch frantic pop wizardry at work.

by Lauren O'Neill
20 July 2017, 11:07am

Image via YouTube

Danny L Harle, famously, has already produced one of the Official Best British Songs of 2017™ in "1UL," a banger that scientifically bangs so hard, it leaves a hole in the ground wherever it is played. And now, for FACT magazine's Against the Clock video series, he puts his ability to make a HUGE TUNE under pressure to the test.

The series challenges producers and songwriters to make a track in ten minutes, and, as you won't be surprised to hear, Danny rises to the challenge admirably. Starting off with a Clean Bandit vocal sample which essentially becomes unrecognisable, so contorted is this electronic Euro Hell Pop, he somehow emerges with a full minute of claps, explosion sounds, and the rollercoaster-style drops that are one of his signature moves. It's also a very interesting look into his ~process, if that's your bag – have a look above.

Also just as a final note if anyone knows where 2 cop the giant pink guinea pig (?) plushie featured in this video can you please hit me up because I will expire if I do not own one soon, thanks.

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