Whips, Wigs and Alpacas: Photos of Berlin at Night

Jesús​​ Pastor spent seven years documenting the hedonistic highlights of Berlin's nightlife.

by Thomas Vorreyer
07 August 2017, 11:32am

Fotos: Jesús Pastor

This article originally appeared on VICE Germany

From ravers sucking spaghetti off of each other, to live alpacas strutting around the club – there's hardly a part of Berlin nightlife that Jesús Pastor hasn't caught on camera. Over the past seven years, the photographer has roamed Berlin's most hedonistic parties to document its "animals of the night", as he likes to call them. "In Berlin, people are really awake at night," he tells me.

Pastor started in 2010, by capturing the hazy afterparties of the Berlin International Film Festival. Soon, his reputation got him and his camera access to the kind of events that traditionally ban photography – like parties in the King Size Bar (famously tiny and hard to get in) or Bad Bruises' The House of Red Doors at the Wild Renate nightclub, which its organisers describe using the key words "sex, hedonism, escapism & exuberance".

Jesús Pastor's latest series, Wild Wolves, brings together his best photos showcasing the hedonistic glory of Berlin after dark. He tells me that what he likes about Berlin nights, is that people there have almost no taboos. "You can smell the freedom from every corner," he says.

Scroll down to see photos from Jesús Pastor's "Wild Wolves".