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Wiley's Spent the Morning Bringing His Dizzee Rascal Beef Back to Life

That hashtag Monday feeling.

by Noisey UK Staff
12 June 2017, 12:31pm

Here's a little bit of Twitter poetry from Wiley, for you delicate, artsy types out there:

"Dizzee is sendin' for me cos he wants me to make him relevant again
And I should just let him rot in the corner with his Boy in Da Corner LP
But he knows I will say something to him don't he?
Nice try, Dyl, tryna use me for PR Lol ."

Happy Monday, everybody!!

For most of this morning/early afternoon, the Godfather of Grime has been sharing his resolutely and deeply unfiltered thoughts on his ex-protege Dizzee Rascal. Look, we've all been here before. These two fell out years ago, but seemed to have squashed the beef. Now Wiley's resurrected some of that old friction with a quickness, and with the sort of commitment that may inspire you to scroll past the tweets and think, 'the Gallagher brothers beef better watch the throne idk.'

This time round, the issue seems to centre on Wiley hearing a rumour that one of the songs on Dizzee's upcoming album sends for him. Now, he's saying he'll happily jab back with a "six-minute dub" in response to … something he hasn't heard yet. Obviously, there are pretty deep roots that lead to this sort of reaction from Wiley. Back in 2003, when Dizzee was stabbed several times in Ayia Napa while he, Wiley and other Roll Deep members were over in the Cypriot seaside town. Both Dizzee and Wiley have spoken about the incident since, with Dizzee dismissing Wiley's mention of it last year as a way to promote the 2016 Culture Clash gig.

Speaking to Time Out London, Wiley had said: "Me and Dizzee went out one night and there was some fighting with another crew – I won't say who, but basically everyone knows. Then the next day, I decided to carry it on – I didn't pull out a knife. I was just fighting. Me and another guy went looking for them again. Dizzee just rode off, because in his head, he's probably thinking: 'What the fuck are you doing? That was last night! It's just gonna carry on!' Well, after we started it up again, those guys came looking for us. But the person they found was Dizzee. The thing we done the next morning led them to go looking for us, but see him and stab him."

In the same interview, Wiley had said he "would work with [Dizzee] any day of my life if I could. I love him like a brother. There's no reason why we don't talk. We haven't got beef", which seen from the vantage point of this morning feels very ::thinking face emoji::. Anyway, for now this may well be another issue that flares up for a couple of hours and dies down once the full story is known on both sides and hinges on more than a source Wiley deems "reliable". The reason it won't be directly sorted one-on-one using social media? Dizzee blocked Wiley years ago:

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