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Diplo Admits DJing with Diarrhea is the "Worst Thing"

The DJ and producer spoke frankly in an interview with 'GQ' magazine.
12 June 2017, 9:07am
Fotografía: Diplo. Cortesía de su disquera.

Diplo is almost as well known for his frank opinions as he is for his numerous musical projects. It comes as no surprise he once again spoke frankly in an interview with GQ magazine.

In the short Q&A for the magazine, the DJ and producer talked about what he likes in a hotel, his numerous travels around the world playing and making music, travel advice, and how he unwinds after his performances.

Diplo also said the worst thing to happen on tour is to get sick.

"The worst thing is DJing with diarrhea," he said.

And when the interviewer asked if he was ever hit with diarrhea in the middle of a set, he didn't deny it.

"Of course!" he said. "You have to get through it. You're like in Vegas or something and ... whatever. It's the worst. You just have to concentrate, get it done. I'm a soldier."

We don't doubt him. Those top tier DJ sets can run for hours and hours on end. And the human body is a fickle thing, which we've learned in many clubbing horror stories shared with us over the last year. But like the best in the world, his dedication toward his craft means he can push through whatever problems might occur during his set.

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