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Teenage Boys Are Wearing Skirts to School to Protest Their Uniform

They're not allowed to wear shorts, so they're wearing skirts instead.

by Ruchira Sharma
22 June 2017, 11:44am

Screen shots via Devon Live's Facebook livestream this morning

A number of teenage boys in Devon exerted their right to protest this morning by wearing skirts to school. Their headteacher at the ISCA Academy in Exeter has refused to let them wear shorts instead of trousers during the heatwave hitting the country this week, so they've been forced to improvise, both kind of getting what they wanted and excellently taking the piss .

According to Devon Live, one boy was told to change his skirt yesterday as it was too short, while another was targeted for his legs being too hairy. It seems the pressure for smooth pins is widespread, as a number of boys have reportedly bought pink razors from a local One Stop shop and shaved in preparation. Yet, some have identified a shocking double standard.

"We wear shorts for sport and they don't mind if we have hairy legs," one boy told Devon Live:

Many of the boys' eyes have been opened to the pros of skirts, with some commenting on how comfortable they are, and a couple saying they intend to continue wearing them.

However, it looks like they might not need to for much longer. Headteacher Aimee Mitchell has confirmed uniform legislation is under review, saying: "We recognise that the last few days have been exceptionally hot and we are doing our utmost to enable both students and staff to remain as comfortable as possible."