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We Asked Minor Harry Potter Actors Who They're Voting For In the UK Election

"Corbyn's my favourite political leader, and he'd obviously be in Gryffindor because he's equal parts courage and kindness."

by Sirin Kale and Zing Tsjeng
07 June 2017, 2:03pm

These are turbulent and trying times for reporters around the world. As we focus on the pressing political issues of the day—covfefe, climate change—sometimes stories get lost. Like, what do minor actors from the Harry Potter movie franchise (specifically, named former Hogwarts students) think of the upcoming UK general election?

Will they be Gellert Grindelwalds (always on the wrong side of history) and fail to get out and vote? Do they run from hard political choices like Zacharias Smith abandoning Dumbledore's Army before the Battle of Hogwarts, or stay for the good fight? Is Theresa May as untrustworthy as a Gringott's goblin, or as strong and stable as a loyal house-elf? Will UKIP's Paul Nuttall be exposed as the fearmongering, misery-spreading Boggart that he really is? And might we finally come to see Jeremy Corbyn as the most misunderstood figure of our age, up there with Kreacher and the late, great Severus Snape?

At Broadly, we prioritize important and necessary journalism. So, we decided to do the Lord's work, and find out. We contacted every named former Hogwarts student from Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone (2001) through to Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 2 (2011), and asked them a simple set of questions. Who would they be voting for? Who would their character vote for? Who is your favorite party political leader and what house would they be in?

Do you want to know what they said? Well, are you a wizard or not? Read more on Broadly.