Abigail and Lustrum Stay Wild and Sleazy on an Unholy New Split

Stream 'Too Wild for the Crowd,' the new split from these filthy Japanese legends and their Satanic American pals.

by Ben Handelman
24 November 2016, 9:20am

The self-proclaimed "most evil band in Japan," Abigail, might also be its busiest. The band is notorious for releasing a constant slew of split releases, relentlessly churning out the street metal that it's been known for since 1992. The one constant throughout this entire career has been a love of all things true to rock'n'roll and heavy metal: women, booze, loud music, and Satan himself. With each blistering release, the fusion of classic speed metal and the finest of black and thrash metal's formative years serves to highlight Abigail's dedication to blasphemous revelry as well as to other talent that the band admires. On Too Wild for the Crowd, that talent is Lustrum, an American group equally committed to Satan and sleaze.

Abigail's two songs here are primed for fun and filth. "Thundercunt" boasts galloping rhythms and a face-melting solo, with a chorus every bit as vulgar as you'd expect. Frontman Yasuyuki's vocals are as vicious and pointed as ever as the band thrashes violently. Its companion piece, "Satan Power Unholy War" is even more potent and vicious, sounding as if the band is trying to incite a bar fight at the back of the venue while it's played. In less than six minutes, Abigail manages to offer up a soundtrack for pounding shots, hailing Satan, and moving on to the next bar.

The accompaniment from Lustrum holds similar reverence for the earlier days of black metal's glory, with simple yet evocative rhythms and riffs pounding onward and inward to serve as a backdrop for pure ugliness. "The Seven Witches of Hell" is a barn burner that might make Tom G. Warrior smirk in admiration, while the massive "Temple of Lust" writhes horrifically as it builds towards a hypnotic intensity as the song's true force is experienced through repetition.

Too Wild for the Crowd is due to be released this Friday, November 25 on Eternal Death (vinyl bundles are available for preorder now). Noisey is streaming the whole thing below:

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