A Year of Lil Wayne

A Year of Lil Wayne: "Black Republicans" with Juelz Santana

It's election time, and we're voting Wayne/Santana.

by Kyle Kramer
07 November 2016, 9:11am

Day 46: "Black Republicans" feat. Juelz Santana – Da Drought 3 , 2007

Kyle: It's election season for real for real. By the time we connect again for one of these, next Friday, we will have chosen a new president, and this horrible ordeal will be behind us (yeah, right, but still). Anyway, since today you published a great article about rap and politics​, here's a vaguely politics-themed Lil Wayne song, bringing together two venerable American parties, The Diplomats and Cash Money, to rap over Nas and Jay Z's landmark bipartisan legislation, the beef-squashing record "Black Republicans."

Let's ignore that the only real political comment here is Juelz saying, "more like a Democrat running em out of office / Young Barack Obama, I'm all for it"—topical in 2007 because, like I've mentioned before​, remember how much President Bush suuuuuuucked?—this is a pretty fun song. Wayne and Juelz were supposed to make a whole album together around this time called Can't Feel My Face, which never actually came out (although, in true anarchic mid-2000s internet fashion, there is an official mixtape of tracks that got cut from this nonexistent album called Blow). Instead, we get this political relic, which I will take over literally all Republican candidates. Vote Wayne/Santana 2016.

Lawrence: It's also interesting to look back at a time, not that long ago, where proudly having a song called "Black Republican" was okay enough to let it slide. Now, even with a few rappers and other people believing that Republicans' reputation of being caked-up is something to aspire to, you'd be hard pressed to find support for this decision. Another funny thing to mention here since we're talking political connections, is that, in the beginning, Santana mentions brushing his shoulders off just as Barack Obama did in a 2008 speech defending himself against Hillary Clinton's attack on his connection to the everyday American person. Man, I wish Wayne and Santana would get on their shit and give us the album we need to restore order on this planet.

Kyle: Speaking of order on this planet, Wayne gives us a good Trump coping plan when he raps "my mind is on another continent." Let's get out of here! But not really: As long as we have Lil Wayne rapping, I have to say America is the greatest country on earth.

Photo: Screengrab via YouTube

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