Holy Shit

The 'Hamilton' Mixtape Will Reunite Ja Rule and Ashanti, So There Is Some Hope for Humanity After All

This also may be the only LP to have both Regina Spektor and Nas on its tracklisting.

by Phil Witmer
04 November 2016, 9:09am

Today, Hamilton creator Lin-Manuel Miranda announced​ that there'll be a companion mixtape of sorts for the incredibly divisive and incredibly successful historical rap musical he helmed last year. The Hamilton Mixtape seems to be a collection of unused tracks and alternate versions of songs from the musical that feature actual rappers on them instead of Broadway actors (respect to Daveed Diggs, that intro on the first Clipping album is insane).

The guest list here is nuts: the Roots show up multiple times, while Nas, Wiz Khalifa, and Chance the Rapper are among the featured rappers along with Kelly Clarkson, for kicks. Most importantly, though, there's a rework of the musical's love theme "Helpless" with none other than Ashanti and Ja Rule. A reminder: this is the duo who gave us classics like "Mesmerize" and "Always on Time," so props to Miranda for this expert curating and truly giving the people what they want.

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